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Professional and Experienced Family Law Attorney

Fair and bold enough towards dauntless profession with all  righteous means with only motive to strengthen the case by frill dedication and determination towards work beside hurdles making the conditions rugged sustaning loyality to profession with all rounded personality,only to make clients feel optimistic towards facing by leaving no second option expect victory

Advocate harkamal singh meghowal

advocate harkamal singh meghowal

Our Practice Areas

Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are. Practice only makes for improvement

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Divorce Cases

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage. A divorce is among the most traumatic misfortunes for any couple.

Child Custody/Adoption

Adoption means a legal transfer. Generally, new couples prefer to adopt a child not to give birth to a new child.

Court Marriage/Registered Marriages

Court marriage can be performed between two Indians irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. The court marriage can also be solemnised between an Indian and a foreigner.

Property Matters

For someone who has a property dispute or claim, solicitors and litigators can provide help in a number of different ways, including litigation as well as alternative resolution methods.

Accident Claims And Cheque Bounce Case

If you or a loved one were involved in a road crash that resulted in death, injury, or disablement, you are eligible to receive compensations from the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT)

Domestic Violence​

Domestic violence has often been studied as an abusive expression triggered by financial stress, mental stress, fear, and of course, systemic patriarchy

Criminal Matters

Criminal cases involve enforcing public codes of behavior, which are codified in the laws of the state.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence committed by someone in the victim’s domestic circle. This includes partners and ex-partners, immediate family members, other relatives and family friends.

What Our Clients Say

We have clients from various countries like india,canada,australia and we do provide best legal services.

karan aujla

“After calling numerous places,it was such a relief for me to find a place that could help me with my legal experiance with this law firm is excellent.”

Karan Aujla
British columbia,canada
kanwar grewal

“wonderful experience and we are family now.”

Kanwar Grewal
ranjit bawa

“Thanks for always being there with some terrific advice.”

Ranjit Bawa

Meet Our Team!

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work

harkamal singh meghowal

Harkamal Singh Meghowal


Sumeet singh

Sumeet Singh


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Satbir Singh


vinod verma

Vinod Verma

Office incharge

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